Francisco González was born in 1959 in Almería (Spain) in a family of deep mediterranean roots. He studied in Madrid, and in 1981, decided to leave the School of Mining Engineering to pursue a career as a ceramist and sculptor.

In 1982 he starts to work on a series of sculptures in wood, iron and concrete awarded by the Ministry of Culture and shown in different exhibitions in Madrid and Paris..
Between 1982 and 1992, besides the work on ceramics, he starts to explore the conceptual art. He studies in Madrid with the composer Juan Hidalgo (ZAJ Group founder and disciple of John Cage) and performs actions and multimedia installations in Spain, France and The Netherlands.

During these years he developed a personal, wideopen and interdisciplinary vision of the Art, showned in his actions, installationes, sculptures and eventually in his compositions of sound-tracks with computer and digital technologies.

Since 1990 he works simultaneously as an Art Producer in events as important as the 1991 Autum Festival in Madrid (the largest Theather, Dance and Music Festival in Spain), the Expo´92 in Sevilla, and from 1993 in Publishing and Communication firms in Madrid and Tenerife (Spain).

Francisco González, living in the USA between 1999 and 2002, has been using new media and digital technologies in his projects and works composing and producing different kinds of multimedia pieces.